The activity of planning, integrating, and managing plants and sustainable and green components within buildings is known as interior landscaping. Interior landscaping or interior scaping are terms used by industry professionals to describe this service. Interior landscaping has shown to be a durable and vital service for indoor spaces as a sophisticated and unique sector. Many businesses that specialise in internal landscaping have been in operation for more than two decades.


1. Soft Landscaping:
  1. Planning the Design
  2. Planning the contours
  3. Plantation Scheme for Modern Irrigation Planning and Execution
  4. Ground preparation and planter pit construction according to pattern and contour designs.
  5. The Last Plantation
2. Landscape Design
  1. Roads \ Pathways
  2. Fountains with Water Bodies
  3. Aspect of Water resistance of Walls
  4. Railings and main entrances
  5. Decking using the most modern materials
  6. Outdoor Lighting